Prairie Gynecology

Dr. Amy Short closed Prairie Gynecology in February of this year. Since then Dr. Short, Joleen and Dr. Davis have been working on transitioning the practice into new ownership, and with Dr Short's blessing we are re-opening the office as Prairie Health and Wellness.

I am thankful that the Lord created created the opportunity for Dr. Jeff Davis and Joleen to continue providing effective, life-changing medicine. His training and expertise - in hormones, adrenal health, thyroid, gastrointestinal functioning and whole body health - allow him to identify and treat the underlying causes of your symptoms.  Joleen will continue to focus on women’s health. Dr. Davis, as a Family Physician, is able to treat both you, the men, and children in your life who need a Functional approach.  I am excited to see this dynamic team continue the work we began together, taking medical care in Wichita to where it needs to go for the sake of your health."

                                                                                                     Amy C. Short, MD 


I am pleased to announce, that beginning Tuesday, March 18th you can schedule your appointments with myself or Joleen Zivnuska at Prairie Health and Wellness (formerly Prairie Gynecology).

Please call (316) 440-7000 to schedule your appointment.
For more information about the practice, please visit

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  Blessings,  

Dr. Jeffrey P. Davis, MD Joleen Zivnuska, APRN, MSN


Dr Short's Closing Letter

February 10, 2014

Dear Prairie Gynecology Patients and Friends,

In 2012, the Lord led me to open Prairie Gynecology.  Every aspect of Prairie Gynecology was prayed over with great purpose and intention.  It was created to be a place of healing and community and it has been.  It has been a privilege and a wonder to see the hand of the Lord move in the lives of the women of Kansas and surrounding states.   In every way this clinic has been a success, except in the area of finances.  I can no longer afford to continue Prairie Gynecology.

It was with great sadness that I closed Prairie Gynecology on February 5, 2014.

I am a biologist by training, which provides the most accurate analogy that I know.  Much as a forest fire appears devastating, it is required to fertilize the soil and create new birth. In this practice’s life and death, we believe that the medical soil of this community has been fertilized and that out of this will come amazing new growth.

Therefore, we are selling Prairie Gynecology and are actively involved in the transformation of this practice into a new one;  one that can continue to provide this unique and highly needed medicine, in a financial format that has longevity.

There will be a time of transition.  We will update our web site with a “birth announcement” as soon as those details are in place:

Due to my personal financial investment in Prairie Gynecology, I will need to return to a full scope Obstetrics and Gynecology practice (yes, I will be delivering babies again) to restore my finances.  There is not an opportunity for me to do this in Wichita.  I will most likely be moving out of state.

Please continue to pay your invoices to Prairie Gynecology and, if you need assistance with medical records, email us at

Prairie Gynecology was the answer to my prayer and I know it was the answer to many of your prayers as well.  Thank you for your continued prayers for the precious staff and providers that are assisting with this transition.  They are all moved by their passion for providing a unique place of healing for YOU.

Grace, peace, joy and health to each of you.





Amy C. Short, M.D.